Sunday, 12 November 2017

Galway 10.11.2017

Final day, What we learned and what to next?
 Timo is breafing us to the next step and towards King's Lynn.

 In the evening we travelled to Dublin which was getting ready for Christmas. Next morning we took a very early flight home.

Galway 9.11.2017

Day four, GTI and Cliffs of Moher

This day we worked in GTI.

And in te afternoon we took a bus to Cliffs of Moher, let the pictures speak:

Galway 8.11.2017

Day three, Bafa-bafa

Workshop – Bafa/Bafa – 3 hour group Workshop/Group Discussion & participation

What happens in Bafa - bafa?

After an initial briefing two cultures are created. The Alpha culture is a relationship oriented, high
context, strong ingroup outgroup culture. The Beta culture is a highly competitive trading culture.
After the participants learn the rules of their culture and begin living it, observers and visitors are
exchanged. The resulting stereotyping, misperception and misunderstanding becomes the grist for the

Have you ever tried? It,s worth it! More information:

Galway 7.11.2017

Day Two, Guests and working in groups

Guest Speaker - Judy Conroy – Teacher and Immigration Officer at GTI.  Judy shared her experience
with us of working with foreign nationals and others who are new to Ireland and seeking
residence/education/new life in Galway.  
Mindmap Creation by the groups which could be used in class. 
Guest Speaker - Lorraine Lally – Galway Immigration Clinic



Galway 6.11.2017

Day one, let the meeting begin!
Galway Bay Hotel, what a Place!
Anne Jennings along with the principal welcomes us to Galway Ireland.
The week will be busy!

Two Policeman told us how peaceful Galway is.
The lady policeman told us that she had given only one ticket during her career! Almost all
things are sorted out by discussions.

That was very interesting to hear!!! The Participants are wondering how is that possible?

Monday, 27 March 2017

Saturday 18.3.2017, Travelling Day

Goodbye Gronigen, Goodbye Holland! It was nice to be Your guest and thank You Hosts!

Friday 17.3.2017, Day # five

Final meeting and homework to do

The last working day was the summary of the week. We decided what everyone shall do in the meantime in smaller groups till we all meet eachother again in Ireland next fall.

We were happy of what we had accomplished!
 So it was goodbye and see You in Ireland!!